Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rainbow Flower Katherine

I bring to you, today, a great loss. Rainbow Flower Katherine (named by a hodgepodge compilation of children) passed through this world and on to the next one today. She (he?) was hit by an ice cube (read: hailstone) on Saturday night. The girls and I discovered her on our sidewalk on our way to church Sunday morning. We arrived home, found her still alive (ish), and made a bed for her. Reese raped the azalea bushes to give her flowers for her new home and we gave her water in a little leaf-cup.Rainbow Kate held on through another few days and nighst. She gladly drank water but wouldn't eat anything (neither would I if my offerings had been canker worms and really wet and mushy Special K). Poor thing essentially starved to death, but I do think the broken wing, broken leg and visible head injury had something to do with it, too.
This morning, we found she had left us (and our front porch). We gave her a fond farewell and lovely ceremony this evening.Reese even included her flowers with her.In case you can't read Brett's lovely epitaph..."Here lies Rainbow [drawing of flower] Katherine"

Monday, April 11, 2011

What can YOU do with an office chair, yoga mat...

...and a stuffed monkey?
Reese can sail a ship. Her destination or route was never disclosed to me, but she sang a song on her way! Obviously, it's a party boat- note the balloons. The first mate looks like he's falling down on the job...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Triplets

Way back in my former life, I was gainfully employed. When I was pregnant with Reese, two of my friends and co-workers were also pregnant and we were all due within two weeks of each other. We don't get the chance to get together often, but we did this weekend. Here's a now and then of Reese, Brodie and Nash.
And Brodie, Reese and Nash in November 2006.It really goes so fast!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night....

no, seriously, it's dark and there's a crazy thunderstorm out there. Complete with hail!
So Brett is out of town this weekend and I am putting the kids to bed with hail banging on the roof and into the windows. I'm distracted wondering if our cars are both getting dented beyond repair. The request of "read five books" has been bargained down to three. There is a lot going on. We've finished reading, Makena has left Reese's room to go get into her bed while I tuck Reese in. Enter: Maggie.Both dogs are always on the bed with us when I'm reading to either or both girls. But when I'm done and the lights turn out, Maggie goes to her sneaky spot under Reese's bed while she waits for me to walk out the door. With the new super-long bedding, you forget she's under there.
So imagine the creepy-crawly factor when you lean in to give Reese a hug and need to shift your feet just a bit closer to the bed. When one inadvertently steps on a dog's foot and the dog (understandably) yanks her foot out from under yours...in that long second it takes your brain to process that it's just the dog, you've already gone places you don't want to go. Considering the vast majority of the residents under Reese's bed are dolls, Chucky came to mind. Or the clown from Poltergeist. Sweet dreams!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bike riding

A few shots from a recent bike riding outing. Makena literally begs me to bring her bike to the bus stop every day or, at the very least, to go into the cul-de-sac behind our house and ride around. This particular day went like this:
Makena rode and rode and rode her two-wheeler. Reese rode (still on training wheels) until she discovered a green bead lying in the street.The bead discovery led to a treasure hunt- no self respecting treasure hunter goes down the (concrete) trail without a set of walking sticks pilfered from the neighbor's yard. The treasure hunt concluded with two beads, a length of weed-eater wire and a corncob (??). Oh the fun you can have and the things you can find if you just look with the eyes of a 4-year-old!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Reese...well...she is still a funny little bear. Santa brought her a doll house for Christmas and she will spend hours producing very detailed plays with every little creature and character she can dig up. Noah's Ark animals are frequently at a dinner party with Barbie; Snow White can often be found hanging out with Gumby and Pokey; and she has an army of Squishies (Squinkies) that I swear are plotting to take over the world back there. Then, there's this creature. She spent well over 15 minutes standing in front of the Michael's $1 crap-made-in-China bins one day trying to decide what little gem to get for a friend's birthday. The friend got a bizarro octopus and Reese got...Reese's September birthday just misses the age cutoff for Kindergarten. It used to upset me that she wouldn't be starting school with many of the friends she has grown up with but now I am learning to enjoy the idea that she has one more year to be a kid. I'm not pushing her reading, not worrying about her letters...I really am trying to chill out and let her be who she wants to be before the school system gets hold of her. She'll have enough years ahead of her where she will have to be somewhat conformist. Right now, she's just a free-spirited, imaginative redhead with crazy hair.


Makena is now well on her way to being six...teen. Since December, she has lost two teeth, learned to ride a two-wheeler and developed a love of Taylor Swift (she will sit with her CD player and listen to the same two TS songs over.and.over.and.over). She is reading like a champ- she literally burried her nose in a chapter book yesterday when she got home from school, read it the entire way to and from gymnastics and did not put it down until our friends arrived for dinner. We have switched her soccer league to an all-girls' league. She's having fun, but the jury's still out on how long-term a sport it will be for her. She is MOST excited about mastering her two-wheeler. The cul-de-sac behind our house has become the meeting place for neighborhood bike rallies. She goes and goes and goes...
At the beginning of this month, she had her first Father-Daughter dance at school. We went shopping to pick out a dress- I'm in trouble because she wanted to try on almost every dress we saw- I think we took 11 to the dressing room and actually tried on 8.
A few pictures...I don't have any bike-riding pictures- that would have required entirely too much effort.
The evening of the first lost toothBefore the big danceA few soccer pictures